What is the best pet to have, a Dog or a Cat?

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What is the best pet to have, a Dog or a Cat?

I have been a Pet Sitter for over 20 years and the majority of the pets I care for are dogs and cats, with occasional fish and birds.

Noreen's cat and dog watching out windowOne of my customers had a dog I had walked for many years until he passed away. She recently called me to pet sit for her new cat. She said she had a hard time choosing whether to get another dog or a cat. I asked her “why a cat this time”? And not surprisingly her answer was “cats are less trouble”. We agreed because as we all know you plan your schedules around dogs. Thank God or I would not have a business. While you have to do the same somewhat with a cat, it is certainly less responsibility . A dog will need at least two visits a day, while a cat can get by with one.

We talked about the differences between the two in making her decision. Here are some of the differences we came up with:

Dogs are loyal and friendlier. Dogs do have a way of becoming members of the family. They go with you in the car and even help you pick out their food and toys at the pet supermarket.

Dogs love to play, especially fetch the ball. They would play all day and it is usually the human who tires and walks away.

Cats love to play too but it is usually the cat that walks away. Cats usually have to be persuaded, you cannot order them to lay down or to quit licking themselves. At the end of the day a cat will curl up in your lap and fall asleep, kneading you to show his/her affection.

Yes, there is the allergies and the cat box too.

But with dogs, there is the dreaded picking up the poop bombs.

So yes there are obvious differences. It is the human who has to decide which suits their needs and lifestyles. Maybe that is why so many of my customers have both, then you don’t have to decide between the two.

I am one of these strange people with 2 dogs and 3 cats.

I think people who want animals in their lives for the right reasons are loving and caring.. Both species just want to be loved and to love in return.

So why do I have a parrot?

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