Traveling soon? Take your fur babies or leave them home?

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Pet No No’s for the Holidays

thMany people are traveling for the Holidays. The question is "what to do with the fur babies? You can always take them with you but here is what you will have to do.
  1. If traveling by car with a dog you will need a dog bed, water bowl, food, puppy wipes, plastic bags, crate and possibly medication to keep them calm. You will need to plan ahead if it is an overnight trip and find a hotel that is pet friendly. Most hotels ask that you crate them in the room while you are gone out of your room. You will also have to plan potty breaks about every couple of hours.
 2. A cat generally does not do well traveling in a car and would best be crated or it will end up under your break pedal while driving. Also the cat will 
     need a cat box near by.
Your best choice is to leave your pets at home in their familiar surrounding. They will be much happier and they will know you are coming back. If you 
use Pet Sitting 1, we will come by your home up to 3 visits a day to let your dogs out, feed them and give them plenty of pets and tummy rubs.
We feed your kitties and scoop their boxes.. And of course there's the "treats" all pets look forward to treats.
Many of our customers are very happy that they have found us and find themselves traveling more often, without worrying about their pets.
So if you are planning a long road trip over the Holidays, or just an overnight road trip, give us a call and we will be happy to get you ready to go.

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