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Pet No No’s for the Holidays

Pet No No’s for the Holidays

We all like to include our furry friends in the festive Holidays. Here is a a list of a few things to look out for with our pets: 

Beautiful Labrador retriever playing with Christmas balls.
Beautiful Labrador retriever playing with Christmas balls.


  1. Candles and lights. If you have a pet that chews, they can get an electrical shock chewing into the blinking lights cords. Use a 3 prong grounded extension chord for safety. Put all your candles where your pet (especially cats) cannot get to them. They can burn their paws or knock the candle  over and burn everyone.
  2. Gift wrap and ribbon. Who doesn’t like to watch our pets play with ribbon and wrap? Just make sure they are not left alone with it because some pets with chew on it or even swallow it.
  3.  Food  hazards ( probably the most important).  Most of the popular Holiday foods are not good for our pets. Here are the worst: CHOCOLATE.  Dogs might vomit or have diarrhea or even have seizures when they eat chocolate. Some chocolates are worse than others. FAT TRIMMINGS AND BONES.  Cooked and uncooked may cause pancreatitis.  They can also choke on bones.
  4. Lastly but just as important are the HOLIDAY PLANTS.  These include: Pine needles, Holly and Poinsettias. They all are toxic for the pets. They can cause diarrhea, vomiting, irritation to the mouth and stomach pain. 

 Take precautions during the Holidays by keeping an eye on your pets, just like you would your children. Have a healthy, happy Christmas from Pet Sitting 1.

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