How to keep your dog from eating too fast.

Why Drizzle a Little Oil on your Dog’s Food
February 4, 2015
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How to keep your dog from eating too fast.

Does it worry you that your dog is eating too fast? I have a black lab that eats so fast he will choke himself.

Food Bowl

Keep your dog from eating too much with the neat bowl idea. Click image image to go to product page.

I adopted him from the animal shelter as a 3 month old pup. He was so thin you could see his ribs and he was very sickly. Once he started getting healthy he started eating like there was no tomorrow.
It’s dangerous for dogs to eat this fast because besides choking himself, he was swallowing air which cause him  to bloat.
After a lot of searching on the internet, I decided to try one of the  bowls for fast eaters. What makes this bowl different is that it is divided into sections, causing him to have to slow down every bite to get to his food. He’s still a fast eater, but not as bad as before.
You can order them at a lot of different pet store sites. I ordered mine from They have good prices and great customer service. The medium bowl holds about 3 cups, which more than I feed him at each feeding. . It also has rubber on the bottom to keep it from sliding across the floor, as his old bowl did.
It won’t solve the problem completely but it does help. I am hoping as he gets older he will get calmer. I have several customers now using these type of bowls for their fast eaters.

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